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My journey through breastfeeding was off to a rocky start. Running out of patience I found Mama’s Latte on a lucky Google search. I gave Sibylle a call and she was available right away to help over video chat. I was extremely skeptical because in my mind I thought a lactation specialist consult should be in person. Within minutes, Sibylle was able to find several problems with my posture/baby placement that drastically improved my newborn’s latch. She stayed on video chat with us for almost two hours so that she could continue to observe our progress and offer much needed advice. I felt a huge weight lifted after our first video chat with Sibylle. She continued to impress as she promptly followed up with a full report/analysis the very next day. As I continued breastfeeding it still didn’t feel 100% correct so we decided to give Mama’s Latte another call. Sibylle was able to video chat immediately. Through a few simple tests (which my husband did with her direction) she decided that we should have our daughter evaluated for a tongue tie. After a trip to the specialist we learned she was 100% correct. After some practice and so much help from Sibylle we are going on 2 months with no formula for our little girl. I would recommend Mama’s Latte to anyone who is struggling with breastfeeding. Sibylle is an amazing woman who genuinely cares about what she does
– Andrea and Dakota
July 18, 2020

I was desparate to get some milk via pumping (thankfully breastfeeding very successfully). After getting some guidance from TMC with no luck I called and spoke with Sibylle for assistance. I felt like Sibylle was a godsend! She walked/coached me through steps and I obtained instant results! I was so overcome with joy and satisfaction I cried! My doula had told me that she knows many women who have obtained excellent guidance from this wonderful organization. Mama’s Latte gave me peace of mind. I am now building a supply to be able to go to a Dr’s appt, or run a quick errand so my mom can feed my son a bottle if need be. Or on those clusterfeed nights when mama’s exhausted and just needs a break. She also gave guidance regarding paced bottle feeding for my mom and I to watch when she is giving my son a bottle. I felt comforted, validated, and all my questions were answered. Thank you SO much Sibylle!
– Kelly and Lukas

I highly recommend Mama’s Latte to anyone who is facing breastfeeding issues. Sibylle was so amazing. She was very patient and helped with all the questions and issues. She also checked in on us periodically and made sure our LO is on the right track in gaining weight. My LO has latching issues and was losing weight. Paediatrician recommended supplementing with formula. But, with Sibylle’s help and guidance I was able to breastfeed my LO and she is gaining weight without supplementing with formula. She has been great to our family and I cannot thank her enough.

At 6 weeks old my daughter and I started to have some breastfeeding problems, she had just gotten her tongue tie cut and although it seemed to be helping her move her tongue more easily, I was still having trouble getting her to latch on and feed long enough. I contacted Mama’s Latte and Sibylle was very prompt and courteous in answering my call, I was still a bit nervous about spending close to $100 only to end up with no answers and a baby that was still very fussy and hungry. Sibylle reassured me over the phone that she had worked with other mothers and babies with the same issues and without feeling pressured I was anxious to see what Sibylle could show me. Sibylle was great, very professional and she made me feel very comfortable while she showed me how to latch little Autumn on. She helped me to understand that while Autumn may look asleep she was still actively nursing. I am so thankful for the knowledge and support of Sibylle because had I not had her come to my home I might have given up on breastfeeding Autumn. She is feeding so well now and so much happier! I would highly recommend the services of Mama’s Latte to any mom who is having trouble breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is truly an amazing gift we can give to our children and the bonding I feel with my baby because of it…well I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Don’t give up Mamas!
Thank you Sibylle!!! Hugs
Raquel Lanier and baby Autumn

Thank you so much! All of the stuff you suggested is working! Manuel is achieving a better latch and the breast compressions are really helping keep him satisfied. He just seems so much more content breastfeeding than strictly bottle feeding. Also the pain is diminishing daily. I had a hard time believing it would get easier but it does. I was close to giving up after working so hard to get this far and you helped provide the extra encouragement to keep up. Thank you!!
– Ruth

I just wanted to send a BIG thanks for all of your help when I had Caleb in January! I was a wreck and your support and encouragement got me througha lot. Hard to believe that Caleb is 8 months old already! (and a hefty 25pounds!!) He’s doing great. I nursed him until he was just over 6 monthsold–6 months longer than I would’ve been able to without your help!
– Melissa H. (and Caleb, too!)

I wanted to send you a picture of my 100% breastfeed twins. I think about you all the time and am so appreciative for the help you gave us when we first brought the twins home. Right after they turned 3 months old we really had breastfeeding down. I can even nurse them both simultaneously!
People are surprised all the time when they hear the boys are 100% breastfeed. I always tell people that it’s because of the help of Mama’s Latte. When they were born, they were in the third and fifth percentile for weight. At their 4 month check-up last month, they were at the 50th and 75th percentile! At 5 months old, I am really proud the say that they are this big because of me!
Thank you for all your help!
– Jackie McGuire

Mama’s Latte and Sibylle were truly such a saving grace amidst this global pandemic. As a soon to be mother, I became quite anxious about not feeling prepared to breastfeed when our baby was born due to the lack of classes being offered. I reached out to Sibylle who eagerly scheduled a one on one online meeting with my husband and me on a Saturday morning to ease my anxiety and give me confidence and insight needed to breastfeed. Sibylle was so genuine and easy to talk to the entire session! I never once felt as though I was being judged based on the questions I was asking and how much I did not know. She met us right where we were and give us the perfect amount of information we needed to feel more prepared! I cannot express how impressed I am with her knowledge of breastfeeding, the resources she provided us, how organized she was during our private session, and how compassionate and motivating she was. I felt as though she was a friend by the end of our meeting and I cannot wait to share with her how our breastfeeding journey goes in just a few weeks. I wish everyone the opportunity to get to know her and receive her guidance, support, and kindness! We cannot express how much we appreciate her time and effort in getting us prepped and ready! She is one of a kind!

Mama’s Latte has been amazing for me through both my children. Most recently with my son, I had an issue of oversupply which led to a very upset baby and a mommy looking for answers everywhere. I called Mama’s Latte to set up a virtual appointment and was called very quickly by TJ who after hearing our situation and asking several follow-up questions knew our exact problem. She gave me sound advice that was safe for myself and baby and provided me with the support to implement a plan to lower my supply. Within two short days our problem was resolved and while breastfeeding can often be challenging, she gave me the confidence and support to keep pushing through it!
– Amy and Josh

I was concerned about latch issues and supply issues with my newborn baby. I’m a first time mom and took one breastfeeding class prior to delivery and still felt overwhelmed. I contacted Mama’s Latte to assess and make recommendations. TJ came out to my home the next day! She is very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful! During that initial visit she came up with a detailed report with recommendations and sent it to my pediatrician so that she was updated. I would highly recommend this service to anyone needing breastfeeding support! I have also reached out to TJ several times since her initial assessment with questions and seeking additional advice. This is an amazing service and it is well worth the small cost! My baby is now 5 months old and we’re still breastfeeding!
-Jamie J
May 2018

I want to thank you once again for getting us off to such a great breastfeeding start with Evan, the benefits of which we still notice today, especially when the nursing with our new baby, Lara, is so easy for us!
Love from Holland,
– Anouk, Alan, Evan, Lara

When my third baby boy was about 5 days old I knew something was not quite right with breastfeeding. His latch was not great, and it HURT so bad. I knew I needed to get help by about day 8 when my nipples were blistered, wounded, bleeding, and the pain had become so excruciating I was willing to give up nursing all together. Unfortunately it happened to be Christmas Eve but I called TJ with Mama’s Latte anyway thinking it would be the following week before any help would arrive. I was so relieved she was able to come the day after Christmas! She came, evaluated our nursing and suggested my little one had tongue tie which was causing a poor latch. She gave me some techniques to try (which really helped) and a nipple shield, sent me resources and info on an ENT she trusted. I was able to get in to the ENT within a few days, he diagnosed the tongue tie, clipped it and immediately I was able to breastfeed my little one. Immediate relief! It was automatically a huge difference. After a week of using his “new” tongue nursing him was actually pleasant! Tongue exercises and continued nursing and now at 6 wks my little one is doing AWESOME! I am so glad I did not give up and I’m SO glad I called Mama’s Latte. It saved our breastfeeding relationship. Thank you TJ!
– Ruth Olivas 🙂
January 2016

I delivered my baby boy in August 2008. I really wanted to breastfeed and was very excited to have this experience with my baby. When he was born he was so sleepy that for the first 5 days he had a very difficult time learning how to latch on and breastfeed sufficiently. I was fortunate enough to have T.J. from Mama’s Latte there to support me through those very trying 5 days. She came to our home and helped him and I learn how to breastfeed and she was the emotional support that I needed to never give up. For he and I learning how to do it was a much larger challenge than I anticipated and without T.J. and Mama’s Latte I don’t think I would be able to say that my son just turned 6 months old this week and we are still nursing successfully!
– Izaah Miretsky

Mama’s Latte and TJ Marsh were truly amazing in helping me successfully nurse my first born.  I called on them to help me when my son was two weeks old and not gaining weight.  TJ was able to come to my house the same day that I called and from there she thoroughly assessed my situation with compassion and helped me come up with a plan.  I felt completely supported through my challenges with breastfeeding.  I would highly recommend using Mama’s Latte to any mother that is experiencing difficulty breastfeeding and I’m happy to report that my son is now nursing and gaining weight like a champ.
Thanks again,
– Megan Studer and Owen

Everyday life has become very challenging with the outbreak of COVID-19. It has been especially difficult when you must navigate it as a new breastfeeding mother. I was worried about the risk of leaving my house or having someone come to me with a new baby. I was relieved when Mama’s Latte began doing teleconsulting to give me the help I needed from the comfort of my own home. I can easily say that Sibylle saved breastfeeding for me and I am so grateful. We had a latch issue early on that was fixed with just one session then later on discovered I also had an oversupply that took a lot of assistance to manage. She was prompt in her responses and would continue to check up on me to make sure I felt supported. There were moments of weakness where I just wanted to give up because it felt so overwhelming. Sibylle always gave me an outlet to voice my concerns and give me ways to work through the problem. Motherhood can be so isolating but I’ve continued my correspondence with her over concerns here or there and it has given me so much peace of mind. Mama’s Latte truly wants to build a relationship with their mothers to ensure breastfeeding success. I highly recommend reaching out if you are struggling. Mama’s Latte has been such a wonderful resource for me during this new transition into motherhood and breastfeeding.

Mama’s Latte has been amazing for me through both my children. Most recently with my son, I had an issue of oversupply which led to a very upset baby and a mommy looking for answers everywhere. I called Mama’s Latte to set up a virtual appointment and was called very quickly by TJ who after hearing our situation and asking several follow-up questions knew our exact problem. She gave me sound advice that was safe for myself and baby and provided me with the support to implement a plan to lower my supply. Within two short days our problem was resolved and while breastfeeding can often be challenging, she gave me the confidence and support to keep pushing through it!

I wanted to let you know that R and I are doing GREAT! My supply leveled out and we are enjoying ourselves during nursing. I wouldn’t have made it this far without your continued help and guidance! (2 months and going strong) 🙂 You have made such a difference in my life and my baby’s life, as well.
– Nancy

My baby had problems latching, became lethargic about eating, had trouble gaining weight and I stopped making enough milk for him. He did not gain his birth weight back until he was 6 weeks old. Mama’s Latte was there for us at every twist and turn, with gentle and patient support until he turned a corner and started gaining weight. He is exclusively breastfed and is in the 50th percentile for weight at his age! I am so grateful to Mama’s Latte and I strongly recommend them to anyone having any kind of trouble with breastfeeding. 
– January Gevara

The first two days home from the hospital nearly broke my heart. My daughter cried every time she tried to eat because she wasn’t able to get much milk. My husband and I tried everything we had learned in the hospital to get her to latch on, but I just knew she was not latching on correctly. Although I was committed to strictly breastfeeding my daughter (and was determined to give her the absolute best source of nutrients possible) I was now beginning to have reservations due to all the challenges I was experiencing. I was exhausted and knew I wasn’t in any condition to drive to the hospital for the help I needed from a lactation consultant. So two days after we arrived home, I called the hospital to see if they could recommend an in-home breastfeeding service. Thankfully I was referred to Mama’s Latte! I was scheduled with TJ Marsh 24 hours later and even before our scheduled appointment, TJ called me to find out all the details of my situation.
When she arrived the next day, I was in complete disarray but she took one step at a time to help correct the complications I was facing. After a short period, I felt more relaxed, as TJ provided me with such encouragement, even at this difficult time. There was a lot of work that needed to be done but TJ was prepared to assist me in every way possible. She helped me with her visual aids and I could see right away she was willing to devote as much of her personal time necessary, to help my daughter learn how to latch on properly. What I appreciated most from TJ was her patience, support and her reassurance that there was hope! I scheduled a follow up appointment and things had progressed enough to where I felt confident I could do this on my own. However, I couldn’t have done this without TJ’s help and I can’t thank Mama’s Latte enough for the wonderful service they provide, at such little cost. TJ has also been extremely helpful to quickly answer other questions I have had about nursing. Thank you TJ (and Mama’s Latte) for giving me the education and guidance needed to breastfeed! I have had six amazing months spent nursing my daughter and hopefully she can benefit from at least six more months!
– Emily B. (and Elizabeth)

We delivered our first baby in November of 2009. I had some help with a very helpful lactation consultant at the hospital but after about one week being home with our little boy I wasn’t doing so well with the breastfeeding latch. This left me with quite a bit of pain and discomfort which inspired me to reach out. During our Bradley Birth classes Mama’s Latte, Sibylle came to speak about their services so I had a place to reach out for help. I called during the late morning and TJ came to my rescue that night. She took her time answering all of my questions and helped the two of us have a much smoother feeding experience from that point forward as well as some ideas to get our little guy to sleep longer hours at night. Thanks to her and the Miracle Blanket we’ve had more restful sleeps as well since her visit with us. Then, within a week of TJ’s visit I was worried about a clogged milk duct and just needed a voice to confirm all that I had read. TJ was truly wonderful, she was patient with me during my phone call and eased all of my worries. All of the tricks worked and since then have had to utilize them a few times. TJ has been a great source of information since then as well. I had to take medications and she took the time again to look into the resources she had available. She is our hero for successful and healthy breastfeeding and would recommend her and Mama’s Latte to anyone and everyone.
Thank you so much TJ and Mama’s Latte for being there, it’s truly wonderful to have caring, patient and knowledgeable people to help with such an important process of child rearing.
– Havah and Alec
September 25, 2007

“Two days in the hospital is not enough time to learn how to breastfeed, I learned one month ago. The nurses at the hospital were wonderful, and helped all they could, but once we got home we still didn’t have it down. I was even more concerned when we took our daughter to the pediatrician for her first check-up and she had lost a pound since birth. I knew there was a lactation consultant at the hospital, but I didn’t want to drive all the way there with a brand new baby. I was feeling so frustrated and at a loss of what to do with my screaming, wailing newborn.
Fortunately, I was referred to Mama’s Latte by Desert Doulas, and had in-home help within 24 hours! TJ Marsh arrived with armfuls of supplies, a smile, and most importantly, a positive attitude. She sat with me for over two hours. She helped me figure out how to get my daughter to latch on properly, and how to encourage her to nurse so she was getting enough nourishment.TJ answered all my questions and gave me a lot of great ideas to try.
A few days later I got a call from TJ, who wanted to be sure everything was all right. Over the next 2 weeks she called two more times, happy to answer any questions I had. She encouraged me to continue nursing despite having mastitis, and I am so glad I did. When we returned to the doctor for a two week check-up, TJ had sent in a report to him about what we had discussed. We were so happy to learn that our daughter had gained 9 ounces in 7 days! (And so was her doctor!). Just a few days ago I called TJ again for some assistance and she was happy to help me out. I am so grateful to have her as a resource – I am not sure if I would have continued to breastfeed without TJ’s help.”
– TSS, Brand New Mom
September 25, 2007

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