1) Same or next day visit.
We mean exactly that! We will do everything we can to set up an appointment that day or the next so that a small problem doesn’t become a big problem.

2) Observing at least one nursing session
It is essential for us to observe a feeding session so that we can figure out exactly what’s going on with you and your baby.

3) Teaching evidence-based breastfeeding techniques
For almost all mom/baby pairs it’s all about positioning and latch. Our job is to teach you specific techniques that are tailored to your and your baby’s needs.

4) Holistic approach to the mother/baby relationship
Beyond the basic breastfeeding techniques, we instill confidence in a mother’s ability to nurse her baby. Relaxation, nutrition, sleep strategies, and family dynamics all contribute to the success of nursing. We are happy to offer suggestions to make breastfeeding work for you and your family.

5) Weighing your baby
Our society obsesses with numbers. Its simple enough to see if a baby has taken in 2.1 ounces of formula from a bottle, but it isn’t as obvious to determine how much milk a breastfed baby has consumed. We bring an infant scale for two reasons: a) to give you peace of mind and b) to provide your doctor with current data that she needs to see how your baby is doing. Additionally, we will teach you alternative ways to assess whether or not your baby is getting enough milk.

6) Soothing strategies
Some babies have difficulties settling or calming down enough to nurse properly. We will teach you proven techniques that work for a number of situations: settling the agitated baby before nursing as well as soothing the colicky baby during their fussy time of day.

7) Feedback to your health care provider
After our visit with you, we prepare a report and FAX it to your care provider describing the problem we encountered, what we did to help, and any follow-up that we recommended.

8) Prenatal breastfeeding education
Family support is a key ingredient of successful breastfeeding and as such, a partner’s understanding of breastfeeding fundamentals is very important. We have found that many fathers are reluctant to take a breastfeeding class in a group setting. If this describes your family, you may want to consider our prenatal breastfeeding class. It takes place in the comfort of your home, and is tailored to your needs and your schedule.

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