Sibylle Rundel

Sibylle, a longtime Tucson resident, grew up in Germany (you can tell from her accent.) She and her husband have two beautiful daughters. Sibylle struggled with breastfeeding her first baby and was very grateful for the support she received from La Leche League.


TJ Marsh

Another longtime Tucson resident, TJ (from California, so no accent) along with her husband also had two daughters who were exclusively breastfed. Just for the record, she didn’t struggle with breastfeeding and yes, there are some who have an easy time of it.

As neighbors and fast friends, these two women decided to join the Tucson Birthing World as DONA certified Birth Doulas in 2000 and open a practice to help women have the birth they envision.

In spite of their combined years of experience with breastfeeding their own babies, when they attempted to help their clients with their nursing challenges, their ability to help them be successful with breastfeeding were limited. As a result, they took lots of classes, received lots of certificates, worked with hundreds of breastfeeding women and in 2009 became International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs), the gold standard for lactation care.

Since creating Mama’s Latte in 2006,
TJ and Sibylle have helped countless of families in the Greater Tucson area achieve their breastfeeding goals. 

In 2022, Elaine O’Neill joined Mama’s Latte


Elaine O'Neill


Elaine’s RN lactation hospital experience has qualified her to bring her assessment skills as a nurse to the natural relationship of breastfeeding. She has experience working as a lactation consultant in the hospital NICU, the mother-baby unit after delivery, outpatient appointments and teaching breastfeeding classes. Ellen has helped hundreds of moms and babies at their homes in her own private practice since 2010. She is convinced home visits are the best place to facilitate the openness to learning the new skill of breastfeeding, as both moms and babies are in a more comfortable environment.

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